Levi Physical Therapy Clinic

📞 (501) 622-3336
📍 147 Section Line Rd Suite A, Hot Springs, AR 71913


Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm
Saturday - Sunday Closed

To provide more services to the Hot Springs community, we have established the Levi Physical Therapy Satellite Clinic.

Located at 147 Section Line Road, Suite A, this clinic helps patients recuperate from injuries, illnesses, and surgeries. This clinic is the ONLY one to feature an overhead harness system that can help patients learn how to walk again after a stroke, brain injury, or new prosthesis.

The Levi Physical Therapy Satellite Clinic is located at 147 Section Line Road, Suite A. This location was created for patient convenience, especially for patients who live in the south part of Hot Springs.

Our team of sports medicine and physical therapy professionals provides expert care to patients recuperating from injuries, illnesses, or surgery. If you're looking for a therapy clinic near me, you should consider the Levi Physical Therapy Satellite Clinic.

Our therapists develop individualized treatment plans that allow patients to regain movement and manage pain, while also dealing with any emotional or mental stress.

Our occupational therapy clinics help patients learn to complete day-to-day tasks while recovering from surgery or sports-related injuries.

The Levi Physical Therapy Satellite Clinic is the ONLY facility that offers an overhead harness system that is perfect for patients with a new prosthesis, or for patients recovering from a stroke or brain injury. A physical therapist for stroke patient can aid in restoring physical mobility and help encourage emotional well-being.

By regularly using this harness, our patients learn to walk again without fear of falling. The harness allows patients to move from one end of the therapy gym area to the other. The harness can be adjusted for height and weight.

If you're looking for water physical therapy near me, you should contact Levi Hospital. Our rehabilitation department features a 50-foot by 20-foot rehab pool that's filled with thermal water from the Hot Springs National Park.

Low-impact and highly effective, physical therapy in water helps patients restore mobility, build muscle, and regain balance without putting a strain on their bodies.

Both of our therapy clinics provide top-notch care and services for our patients. With a physical therapist nearby, patients can recover quickly. With village physical therapy, patients know that they can contact our clinics anytime for their physical therapy needs.

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