Your Impact at Levi Hospital

Your donation directly powers critical programs at Levi Hospital: Saving Lives with Inpatient Adult Psychiatric Care (Ages 18 and Above)

  • Be a lifeline for mental health recovery
  • Ensure a sanctuary for psychiatric care

Offering Support through Transitions Counseling and Comprehensive Outpatient Mental Health Care

  • Bridge critical life transitions for individuals
  • Extend mental health support far beyond the hospital walls

Improving Quality of Life with Rehabilitation Therapy in the Hot Springs National Park Thermal Water

  • Tap into the therapeutic benefits of Hot Springs National Park Thermal Water for rehabilitation
  • Aid recovery from surgery, sports-related injuries, strokes, and accidents

Your Donation Can Transform Lives Across Arkansas.

Levi Hospital has been an enduring force of healing for over a century in Garland County and central Arkansas. Your support isn't just a donation—it's an investment in the well-being of individuals across Hot Springs and beyond.

Why Support Levi Hospital?

Levi Hospital, a not-for-profit institution, relies on passionate contributors like you to fulfill its mission of providing exceptional care to everyone, regardless of background. Your support fuels Levi's unwavering commitment to serving all individuals in Hot Springs and the surrounding areas.

Act Now: How to Make a Difference

Your contribution propels Levi Hospital's legacy of care and compassion. By supporting us, you become a driving force in providing life and hope to those facing mental health challenges and physical recovery. Join us in making a substantial impact on the lives of Arkansans.

Don't wait - give the gift of healing today. Contribute online or call (501) 622-3498 to learn more. Your generosity powers Levi Hospital's mission, and every action you take makes a tangible difference in the lives of our patients.

Levi Hospital: Healing Mind and Body in Arkansas

Since 1914, Levi Hospital has been a stronghold of specialty care for mind and body in Hot Springs , Arkansas. Our dedicated team, featuring certified physical therapists, psychiatrists, nurses, and more, is committed to providing the very best care to all Arkansans.

At Levi Hospital, our mission is clear: to provide specialty care services to everyone, regardless of background. Join us in creating an environment where every patient feels empowered, heard, and on the path to transformative healing.

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